Abandoned Mobile Home in Mississippi

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Has anybody been able to get possession or control of an abandoned mobile home IN MISSISSIPPI?

I have come across some land that was foreclosed on by the bank. They are now trying to sale the land only but there is a mobile home on it that has been abandoned. The mobile home appears to be in great shape. Through some research of my own I found out the the mobile home most likely belongs to the deceased owner of the land that went into foreclosure. He was 93 when he died in 2010 and I have not checked the Chancery Court in Mississippi yet to find out if anyone has taken any action on behalf of his estate. I do know that Mississippi treats mobile homes as personal property and this particular year of mobile would have been issued a title (much like a car from the Mississippi Department of Revenue). I could call them if I had the VIN number and see who owns it or is the lien holder.  I believe the mobile was paid for but was put on financed land. I am thinking that the Mississippi Department of Health in that county may have the VIN because they approve the wastewater treatment plants or septic tanks.

The realtor seems to be a novice and claims to have no information and 'couldn't' answer any of my questions 'because it is a foreclosure'. 

If it works like a vehicle you need to post something saying it has been abandoned for thirty days before you take possession of it. Best to contact Motor Vehicles for specifics. 

Yes, I put that in the post. They are handles by the Department of Revenue the same agency that handles car titles. I thought about calling them and asking the procedure but assumed a state agency would consider that 'giving legal advice' and would just give me the blanket answer of 'contacting an attorney'. I will make sure I call them.

I had a similar situation but I’m not sure how it works in Mississippi. Trying to get the title through the DMV or the bank that foreclosed on the mobile home was impossible so I contacted a title company that specializes in “mobile home titles” they usually have experience with these type of situations and are able to get you the title (at a cost of course) or advice you on what to do. You will need the vin number though which in my experience I found through public record on the county appraisal website and found the paper work of past sales of the mobile home and the deed.

If there is any way for the realtor to show you the property, there is usually a VIN plate on the home

(older homes are usually to the side of a door), where you could take a photo and/or write it down.

Then you can call the DMV, give them the VIN#, to find out if any liens are on it, and how to proceed.