Eviction process for travel trailer/rv on a rented lot

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I am looking for advice on how to deal with a tenant who has not paid lot rent.  We just purchased a mobile home park in NC and have acquired some tenants.  Some of the lots have RVs.  We have someone who has not paid his rent this month.  He does not live in this travel trailer and the electricity and water (his responsibility) are turned off. Is the process the same as evicting a tenant?  Or where can I find some info about this?  I have read through the Chapter 42 statutes but it isn't clear to me.  If someone has gone through this and could share how they handled it, I would appreciate any tips.

@Sara Hopson Inquire at your local landlord/tenant court regarding the process of eviction. Be sure to go over your paperwork and follow the rules in the lease. Usually, you'll have to send a certified notice to the tenant before you can file. Good luck!! 

@Sara Hopson You may want to try going in person. At the very least, they should be able to go over the process of filing and any notices you need to send out before you can officially file the paperwork. Usually there will be step-by-step instructions regarding the process either on the website and/or at the office. Good luck!