How do you dispose of unsellable mobile homes?

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Let's say I own a park, and I have a mobile home that is unsellable. Its pure garbage. How do I get rid of it? Do I pay for it to be hauled to the junkyard? What's the normal method for disposing of unwanted mobile homes? 

There was a garbage mobile home on public land in a CA city a while ago a city employee was given it for $1 if he could haul it off, he turned it into a crappy rental with a ton of rehab on some land he owned.  Another option would be to call a local scrap dealer a call and give them the same deal $1 if you haul it away

This is a topic on my mind also and I hope some experience MHP investors will chime in.  The park I have under contract has a MH that has got to go.  No rehab possible unfortunately.  I am going to be calling scrap dealers and putting the FREE Mobile Home listing on Craigslist as soon as we close.  But please anyone who has dealt with this situation chime in on how you managed to get rid of an unusable MH.

Thanks BP.

@bobjones- ironically I met a guy today in Virginia who said his other business was picking up mobile homes on parks in the condition you described. Apparently they renovate, sell, self-finance and deal with the notes somehow. I’m unsure if he’s goes that far. north but if you want to contact him you can message me. 

we have had luck posting an ad with something like “free mobile home, must remove from site”. I would try that first before paying for anything, unless you are in a time crunch. 

@Bob Jones You can pay to haul it off. Another option is to advertise it for free or for a low amount. Depending on the condition of the home, someone may be looking for a fixer upper to put on their own land. This is a route I've done in the past. Hope that helps! 

We buy, renovate and sell mobile homes. Regarding junk trailers, the parks that we work in bring in a dumpster and then find someone to tear them down on site. I think they pay $600-$800 to have someone tear them down plus the dumpster rental cost.