Manufactured Homes on Foundations

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I’m a new investor and would like to hear some opinions on investing in manufactured homes. Good, Bad, indifferent, I’m looking at 3 bed, 2 bath units ranging from 1400-1800sq ft. Some are in manufactured home parks with you owning the land and others have a rental space. I’m looking to invest in the Boise Idaho area. PTB Property Investments. 

Thank You in advance for your thoughts & opinions


@Paul M. Bosse Good morning Paul, I don't have much input on this other than looking at the rules of the park. Some parks will have a clause in their paperwork that states you can not sub lease or rent out your residence. Other than that make sure that the homes have an anchoring system in the crawlspace (if required in your area) and they have the proper tags on all seperate section of the residence.

Thank You for responding Nicholas 

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Most of the manufactured homes I’m interested in have either slab foundation or full basements. None are of the old style homes with axle assemblies on jack stands.  The park regulations I agree are a double edged sword. Regulations keep the property standards high, values of the homes higher but limit your flexibility. One question though. What do you mean by proper tags??  For example. Simpson Strong Ties foundation retrofit plates don’t have tags. Are you referring to the city inspector of some sort signing off on the bolt-down..

Thanks Again