Cost Effective Roof for older flat roof Mobile Home

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Good morning all.

I have an older Mobile Home that I have remodeled and has been a great money maker for me.  It is a flat-roofed model and I want/need to replace the roof.  My park is in an area that occasionally get 15"-20" of snow.

My options seem to be:

1)    Just add an EPDM membrane to the existing flat roof.  As far as I can tell this is the least expensive option.  That said I still have 2 problems, the roof is still flat, and I'm not sure about the durability of a flat EPDM roof.  Obviously flat works, am I making more of an issue than I should?

2)  Build trusses, with a slope, sheet the trusses, and add metal roofing.  Good option but double the cost of the EPDM.

3)  Build trusses, sheet the trusses, and shingle the roof.  This seems to be the mid-point price wise, however, will an early 80's trailer (in average shape structurally) support the weight of the trusses, sheeting, and shingles?

Any other good options I'm not seeing?

I'm looking for the biggest bang for my buck; need to get another 10-15 years out of the home.

Thank you in advance for any feedback.


Put on a new membrane. The home is not worth spending money on.

I would be looking at a new membrane and selling before expenses get any higher. Once the roof is causing problems/leaking you already have wall and likley floor damage as well that is going to be very expensive to repair.

I am in the process of doing this right now. My plan is to place a reflective thermal barrier on top of the existing cool coat roof, then add 2 x 4 furring strips for the needed air gap and then 26 gauge sheet metal roof overhanging the eaves by 12" so rain will run off the side away from house, not down the side of the house.  Materials will cost about $1800 per home. But should provide 15 plus years of good protection.

Good luck.

@Sam Fackrell the roofs on these are slightly curved, convex so to speak, so not flat and not pitched.  These are early 70s era trailers, and I have a several with this roof shape.  I'm laying the metal roofing sheets across the entire width of the trailers matching the curve of the roof.  The overhang past the eves will be free hanging so to speak, so we will limit it to no more than 12 inches, maybe a little less.