cheap mobile homes in a trailer park

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What are your thoughts on buying cheap mobile homes in a trailer park and renting them out? I could buy a trailer on site for 15k, fix it up a little for 5k and then rent it out for $800 a month. The lot rent is $400 so that would leave me 400 a month for vacancies and repairs. You could end up with 200 per month in cash flow from your 20k investment. I understand that the mobile home is going to depreciate to 0 eventually. We have other nicer rentals that cash flow and appreciate, this would be to offer some affordable housing where there isn't much and a smaller purchase price for us to add more rentals.

@Casey Walker

I love mobiles, that’s all we do is rent them and sell them, I would not worry about them going down in value, cause if you rehab them you add value to them and they go up in value then, do not listen to the nay sayers and go for it

@Casey Walker If the numbers work, it could be quite profitable. Just be sure to verify the repairs needed and the market demand for the neighborhood. You also want to make sure you're comfortable with the type of clientele the park attracts and they work well with your personality. Good luck! 

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