Where to find insurance for new mobile home park?

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@Brett Spence there is a good company out of Michigan by the name of Foremost that I recently got my insurance through. But I did go w my local insurance broker. You can go to the foremost website and theyll let you know who your local rep is. I'm military and Usaa's affiliates couldnt even come close. Go through Foremost. Best of luck to you.


@Brett Spence You may want to check with your local manufactured housing association. They may have a few referrals for you. Also, you can also see who other park owners in the area are using for their insurance needs. Hope that helps! 

Try Mobile Insurance Agency out of Woodlands Texas. They deal with several different companies that not only cover the liability associated with owning a park but the homes as well. There are several companies like American Modern, Foremost, Philadelphia and more. Congrats on the new purchase

My problem with Kurt Kellys business "Mobile home insurance" is that the girl who was the agent didnt really seem to know much about them, or even what policies I should use or which homes based on value wouldnt be a good idea to get insurance on. 

So I called my local Farm Bureau agent and they 3rd partied it out for 1/10th of the cost. 

I had gotten together with another MHP owner and discussed which ones financially werent worth insuring. 

@Brett Spence the best resource as mentioned by @Rachel H. is the MH or RV association in your state.  In addition to the other ideas and contacts shared here, you can check with MH/RV brokers in your area, MH/RV park management companies, and lenders who specialize in MH/RV parks. 

@Dan Gomez @Brett Spence - Hi Brett, like Dan mentioned, Foremost can likely assist you. FYI Foremost is a division of Farmers. "Farmers is the trade name of Farmers Group, Inc., which is a wholly owned entity of the Zurich Financial Services Group. Foremost became a member of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies® in the year 2000."