Mobile Home Moving from NC to VA

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What is the typical cost to move mobile homes?

I have a post on marketplace for a friend selling a mobile home, I am just curious what it would cost to move thst home. It is located in North Carolina and lets say I want to move it to Virginia thst is 66 miles away.

Generally speaking you can bank on about $5,000 minimum for a single wide. Including disconnecting all utilities, setting on the new pad and hooking up new water, sewer and electrical. Several other factors will come into play but it's a good benchmark for budgeting. People will tell you $2,000-$3,000 to get you in the door, then they start in with all the add on's. 

@Kenneth Stump It will depend on the size of the home and the distance. Talk to a few mobile home dealerships in the area. They may have a few referrals for you when it comes to mobile home movers. You might also want to talk to some parks who may have contacts as well. Best of luck! 

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