replacing grandfathered trailers

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Hi All, I have my first small MHP under contract in Eastern Oregon. It is currently 21 lots and a mix of older mobile homes and some trailers. It's not a real great layout and the lots are odd sizes. They range from 35'x 100' to 40' x 30' with the average being roughly 35' x 75'. I spoke with the planning dept and was told the park is legal- non conforming (grandfathered). They also said that there are no problems regarding set backs currently, but if I replaced any homes the new homes would have to adhere to current codes. If this is indeed correct I certainly have to move some sight around and would most likely lose some spaces. I've heard from other resources that any replacement home would just have to be on the same foot print as current... which seems reasonable. Does anyone have any insight into this matter? Thank you very much in advance.   

You need to call the Oregon Manufactured Housing Association (MHA) and get their input on this -- it's really based on Oregon case law regarding home replacement.

You may need to hire a "municipal lawyer" (a lawyer that sues cities) to affirm what the real options are here.

One thing's for sure: you've GOT to figure this 100% out before you go forward and buy the park.

@Jesse Pascoe the advice from @Frank Rolfe is the best guidance.  The board for the MHA for each state usually includes an attorney with an expertise in MHP and RV parks.  They will know what the regulations are and will also know if there is an approach you can take to avoid the steps you outlined.  You will want to speak to the attorney. 

Thank you both so much for the input. I have been attempting to connect with the Oregon Manufactured Home Association with no luck. Guess I'll have to be more persistent! I really appreciate both of your input on this. Frank, I'm a big fan, I listen to your podcast and read your newsletter. It's your education that has made me feel comfortable to but a MHP. And Jack, I know you're doing great things in this industry as well and are a real professional. Thank you both!