I spend the majority of my time turning the dials at each of our mobile home park communities to maximize top line revenue and run smart and lean on expenses.  Internet is a spot that can actually be a revenue generator AND a cost savings, so one I look at regularly.  I have seen a number of "partnerships" with service providers but have recently come across one from CenturyLink and wondered if anyone had experience specifically with this provider.  I'm told the program is nationwide and covers more than just mobile home, RV, and apartment communities and is structured the same way across the board.

Has anyone had any experience with Century Link and their offer to be the sole advertiser for internet services in your mobile home park or your apartment community?

It basically works like this: 

1.  They pay the property, approx $100 per pad/door, in an upfront payment to the property to be the advertised internet provider to all the residents (yes a $15,000 check to the property for a 150 pad park or apartment building)

2.  They have the right to advertise with flyers in the office, ask to be the recommended provider when residents ask for a referral, and likely will more

3.  The park gets a couple internet lines for free

4. The park also gets a small % of the revenue from residents who sign up with CenturyLink as a kickback

5.  The property signs a 5 year deal, can cancel anytime but in the event of a cancellation, the upfront payment the property received is due back to Century Link in a prorated amount.

Anyone engaged with CenturyLink in this program? 
What was the experience like?
What would you change the next time if you did it over again?