looking for someone who can provide me a list of all lenders.

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How are you?

My name is Gary. I need a help, can someone provide me a list of all lenders who do a small loans for mobile home parks? Your answers will be appreciated. Thank You!

Updated 28 days ago

Hi..! Can someone send me a list of all lenders willing to do smaller loans for mobile home parks? I am interested in but having trouble with financing. Thank you in advance!

Hey @Gary Clisele

I'm not sure anyone on here has a list of every "small park lender" in the country.

However, you will want to call up every local bank/credit union within about a 50 mile radius of the park. Just use Google Maps to find them. Might take 40+ calls but one is bound to do it. 

And, please, feel free to reach out anytime if you have other questions or just want to chat!