Mobile Home Movers in GA

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Good afternoon BiggerPockets,

Coming to you all today in hopes to help out a good friend of mine in his wholesaling journey. My friend was able to get a mobile home under contract for free! The seller solely just wants the mobile home off the property. He has a buyer in place but is having a hard time 1.) Finding someone to weld a hitch onto the mobile home 2.) Finding a mobile home mover

From: Arcade, G 30549 To: Toccoa, GA 30577

Any advice is needed. Thank you for reading!

@Jerahn Thomas You may want to talk to a few mobile home dealerships and parks in the area. They may have a few referrals for you. Both work with movers on a regular basis when moving mobile homes. Movers may have someone on their team to help with the welding. Or, they may know a welder or two in the area. Hope that helps!