Mobile home & land 4sale ,no offers

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We live in a prestigious lake area, homes ranging $300k-millions and we're the only Double wide M/H in the area.Been listed on the MLS for 6 wks. with only 3 showings. I believe we're over priced @ $249k realtor started it @ $350k and have reduced 2x. Theirs 1/2 ac. of land and no vacant lots/land in the area. Their is also another older M/H that my kids live in that the realtor/bank consider it a shed. Not sure what to do, we have an elderly parent that we want to purchase his property of $170k and to take care of him with sale/proceeds of our property.Open for any/all suggestions, TY B/P's Community. Regards,

The value may be in the land alone.... as a general rule of thumb, the value of land is 20%-25% of nearby home sales.  Could also try calling or have your agent call the agents who showed the property for feedback.  

@Richard Stephens You may want to check around with some of the mobile home dealerships to see if they may know anyone interested. Many times, they receive calls all the time from people who are interested in living in mobile homes out on land. Your real estate agent may be going after the wrong market for this manufactured home out on land. Hope that helps! 

Hey Scott, Thanks for your input and I do agree that the value is in the land. We have gotten input from the showings and all the input received was over priced. We figured if all times to sell would be now with it a sellers market. We were considering owner financing  as a last resort if we don’t get anywhere. Regards,  

@Richard Stephens I agree with the advice you already got. I’m adding in what you mentioned already. Owner financing. If you go this route I’d make sure the listing is on social media, signs on the road, CL, and everywhere else people might look. You want as many people looking and making you a fair and reasonable offer as you can get. 
I have heard of people selling on eBay. People are bidding on the down payment and accepting your price. 

Best of luck!