66 unit trailor park on 25 Acres

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I have been working with a guy who has 66 mobile home units. He is asking 3 million for all of them but will not give me any expenses. I’m a licensed realtor and he recently told me I could list it for him. Would anyone be willing to hop on a zoom call with me I have a list of questions about this type of investment property

Hey @Justin Lee Taylor

Oh man, sounds like a fun opportunity you got here! This guy won't give you any expenses. So, what's going to happen when you list and every MHP investor is busting down your door to get those expenses? But, that's a big paycheck if you can figure it out!

I'd be more than happy to hop on a call with you. I'm a REALTOR® and an MHP investor so I'm sure we could figure this out. Feel free to shoot me a message sometime and we can set up a time.

@Justin Lee Taylor If the owner isn't giving you the information you need to make a decision, it's probably going to be a waste of time. There's no way you can make an informed decision if he can't even provide the expenses (and other figures) for you. This shows a lot about his character and who knows what other things he's hiding which seems highly suspicious. It's probably best to move on and work with someone who will. Good luck with everything!