Shipping Mobile homes overseas

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Hello all,

I have identified an potential opportunity for mobile homes in another country and am researching shipping rates and laws for it.

Has anyone here done this or could someone point me in a direction for my search? The only thing I am finding is for RV's or vehicles. I'm looking for total price for buying from a manufacturer and shipping rates (if any). Thanks for any help guys and gals.

I haven't dealt with mobile homes before, so this is all new to me. It's been something I've been considering for a bit, and will keep it on my back burner

I'll update this post if and when I get new info. Thanks!

Years ago one of our engineering classmates worked for ATCO in Australia & they built them & he shipped them to Saudi etc. I just remember he was able to retire at an early age & spent a lot of time in Bahrain. (Where we visited him several times).

His biggest issue was getting the shipping/trucking damages repaired on-site as these were prefab sections & a lot would come apart. Again it was 30 years ago so I would assume todays modular build concept would provide more structural integrity???

Interesting, I've heard of another outlet for them as well overseas. Since it dovetails into my current line of work I'll be finding some people who may be able to help me meet companies that need some. I see the logistics being the most difficult portion of this so far. Thank you

If you make it work, I would love to hear about it. To be realistic however, there are reasons there are no HUD Code homes in Hawaii, where the cost of site building is so high. No one has been able to make the numbers work. That doesn't mean someone can't figure it out however. Good Luck!

Hi @Bobby C.

I am with Ken. If you can make this happen I would love to hear how. Good for you for seeing a need and wanting to fill it!

Doing some research myself it looks like the minimum ship-able home is still $25,000ish and not very big. What budget are you looking for? Will these homes be set-up by you, your partner, or the purchasers?

All the best,

John Fedro

Interesting topic!

There are many who are doing this around the world in other countries. Though, I hear the closer the manufacturing facility the less costly. I can only imagine the possibility of excessive shipping and importation taxes should the operation not be handled domestically.

Looking forward to hearing your progress!

Did it... hated it!

Sold a number of 350sqft "homes" to Disney to put in Castaway Cay. Small homes, for their "cast members" to live in... Imagine small motel room. Bed, bathroom, kitchenette. The cost for shipping was huge. We had to build special crates to put the homes in so that a second home could be stacked on top... Logistical nightmare.

Also sold some single wides across the pond...but when the buyer did the math and found that we would be spending more to ship than the home cost, it was cancelled.

We do ship SIPanel homes to Haiti in a container and then put them together when we get down there (going again in 2 weeks). When we are done, we turn the container into a home as well... Just some friends and I - not a money making venture, just a way to help those in need.

Never heard of shipping anything larger than a shipping container, unless they have a ship. Size matters. It would probably be much cheaper to ship the materials and build them there, or acquire local materials. :)

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