Tucson, Az Multi- Family

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Hey BP Family.

I am currently looking to learn more about Tucson and the neighborhoods to look out for when investing in Multi-family. My goal is to buy a Multi family (2-4) within the next couple of months, once I get the systems in place and educate myself more on the area. I understand that it is fairly expensive in Az, however I don't think it is as expensive as Portland OR just yet. I understand I could be totally wrong as well. 

Anyone willing to have a conversation with me and educate me some, I would appreciate it !

@Lara White I have not. Thank you for sharing that !

I have my father in law who is retired and has live out there for quite some time. I have visited only 2 times and I like the area. 
Also, I have looked online for multi family & it seems fairly cheaper than where I live now. Have been told rents tend to be pretty solid as well and the bright side it’s a landlord friendly state from my understanding 

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@Alex Mora ,welcome to BiggerPockets, you are definitely in the right place. Just make sure to consume contents here as much as possible and feel free to ask any questions you may have. We are here to help each other grow.