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Morning Everyone - How to split percent ownership for a purchase

Posted Jan 25 2022, 09:15

Morning everyone,

Had a question about splitting percent ownership when purchasing a property.

My downpayment requires 60k and I have 40k to put down. I am considering getting both of my brothers to put 10k/ea to give me the 60k total. Now, Considering I will be putting in a majority of the down payment as well as doing all the work to manage the STR as well as have the property under my name.


How do I go about splitting the percent ownership? 

Or should I even split it? 

I was thinking about just getting them to loan me the money and I pay them back with interest but I would like for them to be a part of it as well. I have no idea what would be fair or what consideration to take into account. Any help with maybe clarifying what I should consider would be awesome!

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