Cost of separating gas and electric in a duplex

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Hi everyone,

I am looking into buying a duplex which shares the same gas heater as well as electric.

How difficult and cost intensive would it be to separate those? The downstairs unit is a 1-bedroom, the upstairs unit is a 2-bedroom, and the overall square foot measurement is about 1700.

Also, what would my options be? Could I just buy a second gas heater and connect it to the appropriate pipes? Would I need to convert one of the units to electric heat (I'd rather not since electric heat is a lot more expensive)?

I'd appreciate any input!

Thank you!

Does each unit have it's own electric panel? Or do they share the same panel? If they have their own panels, should be fairly simple to have another meter added and split them up.

Now if they are on the same panel, you would need to see if they share the same circuits on the panel. If they do, then it could be a fairly big undertaking to try and separate the upstairs from downstairs. Especially if it's an old house that's not up to todays codes.

You best bet would be to get an electrician to look at and get an accurate estimate to evaluate if it's worth doing.

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