vanity number = The Key to Finding Deals

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Hello Everyone,

I just recently joined and as I was reading a number of different articles, i noticed a common theme, many of you are having trouble finding deals. I have been buying over a hundred (100) deals a year over the last few years.

I remember when I was only doing 3 to 5 deals a year and the only difference was that I was not marketing my business. I was doing direct mail and bandit signs. It wasn't till i came across the idea of using a vanity number that i realized that if I wanted to grow my business I needed to think big. I have been using a vanity number to run Tv Commercials and billboards.

The response was incredible even in my Market in Sacramento, CA where we tend to be higher priced compared to the rest of the country.

This was the best decision i made, not only do i have sellers calling me, but we have agents and brokers that see our advertizing and they call me when a deal is falling apart and we can step in an close it.

If you want to take your business to the next level invest in a marketing system. It makes it easier for you to help them out and provide a solution.

The vanity number is key. People watch the commercial and remember the number for months, even years. It's a lot nicer to have leads coming to you, then you going after them.

Hope this helps if you have any questions feel free to send me a message i d me more than happy to give you my advise.

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@Raul Chavez This very helpful although I don't understand completely. Because I don't like following the crowd and my gut tells me to think big and to take a different route than yellow letters/ direct mailing for absentee owners, that's what I am going to do. What is "vanity number?"

Hey louise,

The difference with Yellow letters and absentee owners is that you are targeting people that do not need to sell. Or the odds are very slim. When you create a campaign that triggers a seller to take action they are now calling you the mentality is that they need you instead of you needing them, so your in control.

RC-- what are you selling here (I would be happy to personally field your overflow of leads)? I will agree that RC does get a lot of leads because I sometimes get his spill over. :)

Originally posted by @Louise Whidby :
... What is "vanity number?"

A number that spells out some word or phrase usually. @Michael Q. has one that he uses; check some of his posts and see if it is in his signature area below the post.

Hey Dennis,

Glad to see you here, your welcome for the excess leads, always glad i can be of service.

Steve, your right about vanity numbers, my favorite is obviously [REMOVED]. Thats what gets me my leads, there is others out there. Successful investors like us think outside the box, thats what seperates us from everyone else doing mailers and bandit signs.

The clock is ticking before the moderators see this conversation and send it packing.

Raul, if you want to advertise a product or service in here, you need to become a PRO member and post in the MARKETPLACE.

Our company owns [REMOVED], Kent Clothier has [REMOVED], Sean Terry has one - whatever that is, etc. etc. There are plenty of options for branding. The vanity number is only one element of a comprehensive marketing plan, but having one does not cause magic leads to come pouring into your phone.

And how much are TV ads running in Sacramento? I've advertised on TV all over the country - it is not cheap and only applicable to people who work a large market area covered by TV, otherwise it can be a colossal waste of money.