Upgrade to laundry room for flip?

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Just purchased a 4/3, 3,000sf house that needs a buncha work. The ARV should be about 30% higher than the median around here. I have some choices to make with the laundry room

a) leave it where it is - about 20' into an unglyish garage.

(also I'm in the northeast. So that garage is unheated, will have slush and crap on the floor near where one would walk, in the winter) - Minimal renovation costs

b) Build a hallway closet near the bedrooms for STACKABLE machines.

I'd have to move one bedroom door, create a closet, install a pan, install all hookups. - Estimated $1800 cost

c) Same as "B" but move TWO doors for standard size units. - Est $3,000 costs. (Also, this may be a insurmountable challenge. I may not be able to get the closet big enough, even with moving the doors, to fit two machines)

d) Have the laundury room off the foyer.

I could make a room (from the space in the garage) that is accessed via bi-fold doors in the foyer. When the doors are closed, it'll look like a closet. Weird? Perfect?


I don't know numbers, but personally I'd like it as close as possible to the master bedroom. The major issues with laundry isn't the machines, but a space to deal with the folding and organizing. Enough room to turn around, organize 4 people's laundry and hang items like shirts would make a good laundry room.

This sounds like a house you'd sell to a family, so make sure you can fit large capacity units wherever you put it.