probate condo, need advice.

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I have a friend living in a condo. The condo bellow her is owned by an elderly lady who passes away a few month's back. Recently the family members have been around the condo and we found out my friends toilet was leaking into the condo below. We believe this has been going on for some time now.

From the information gathered it looks to be a probate property that will need remodeling. I have never dealt with a situation like this but see posibility for huge potential. Can anyone recommend how I could approachthis situation?

Simply talk to the family members. As a side bar, was the leak coming from your friend's actual toilet (a leak above the floor line) or was it from the piping/drain between the his floor and the ceiling below. Your friend would be liable for the former, the COA for the latter.

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As @Wayne Brooks said, just go talk to the family next time they're in town and let them know you may be interested in purchasing the unit as is. Sounds like you have an easy "in" as your friend lives above them. You could always mail them a letter as well and explain how you know about the property, be sympathetic to their loss, and ask them to contact you if interested.