Having trouble making offers, please help

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I have 2 markets that I am desperately interested in. North Carolina, and Florida. I'm in NYC. I want rental houses that I would actually live in. I mostly look at mls, dont know how to find wholesalers, and could potentially find deals on auctions. But I cant get the realtors to submit my offers. I just contacted a realtor over the phone (listing agent) to make an offer 15% under ask price, which is a reasonable offer based on recent sales. I just pretty much told them I want to make an offer and they told me another agent will call and nothing happened. I'm sure this is going to be a dead end and they wont call me. How do I make offers on homes listed on mls/zillow?

I suggest contacting the listing agent directly , have him/her place an offer as a dual agent (both buying and selling agent).

Most agents would jump on that opportunity, because that means they can have two slices of the pie (as opposed to splitting 5-6% of the sale price with another agent).

I usually either call the number for the listing agent on zillow, and they never pick up and I leave a voicemail to never get a call back. Or like this recent one who told me another agent will call and I never get another call back. Should I send them an offer form or something?

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Hi I'm a wholesale investor here in Charlotte, NC. Email me if you're interested in any wholesale deals in this market, I have a great realtor I can refer to you also.

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Good morning Martin,

I'm an investor on Long Island and have good friends that are investors in the states you are looking for. They deal with turn key rentals and will only give you the most bang for your buck !!! If your interested you could contact me on here or
[email protected]

Have a good day

Try Googling wholesale properties charlotte nc or investment properties charlotte nc. You might want to consider a turn key rental property as well try turn key rental charlotte nc. You could also try one of the national wholesalers like WeBuyHouses or HomeVestors.

This is the difficult part of out of state investing. However, Continue your agent search and eventually you will find a hungry agent who wants to work with you. Ask local investors on BP who they use. Have you already been pre approved for financing?

High Martin, I have wholesale and discount properties and contracts ranging from the $50k range up to $400k. Cash is king on prices, but I offer option purchases (rent to own) and straight conventional sales (if you need time for a bank loan). I have contacts all over the country and FL. Send me your info in a colleague request, and I'd be happy to help anyone I can. Even if you aren't interested in my area which is Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco Counties. Happy Investing - David

I have not been preapproved yet, but I have been prequalified by 2 different banks. I didn't want to go ahead and get a hard inquiry when I know I'd qualify for financing without any issues, but if they are so desperate to get it, I guess I have no choice.

You could be approaching the conversation wrong and may appear to be a dreamer or tire kicker. You also have to remember that a lot of what is on Zillow is old and make have sold.

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Hi Martin,

What Doug said is right on. The market in Pinellas County is extremely tight right now. Inventory is awful. The majority for homes for sale are either; modest/nice homes with homeowners asking too much because they paid too much in 2003-2008 or really dilapidated houses with owners/landlords who don't have their heart in it. A good deal lasts 48 hours now...so different from 2011 when I started. I would suggest getting qualified for financing before making the phone call and using that as leverage when explaining you want to make an offer. If your pre-qualified to purchase a property you look more serious. If your paying cash e-mail them a copy of your bank statement with the appropriate numbers blacked out. If someone doesn't take me/my family seriously that's what I do. Works every time.