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Hello BP,

I was hoping some out there had some insight in the rental market in N Colorado. I returned from a trip to Ft Collins and while the city is beautiful and has some nice attractions, I think it is a bit rich for my blood at this point. Loveland seems to suit my personality more, as well as LaPorte,

Any information or knowledge about that area is helpful. I am currently finishing up on a project to protect some equity in the event of a possible move.

Colorado, Fort Collins, Loveland,

hi Andy, I am in greeley and know the market here best. I dot have any rentals in Loveland, but I have two flips going. The rental market is extremely strong anywhere in NOCO. The real estate market is also extremely strong.

Hey Andy,

I have one rental in Ft. collins but am also looking at the Loveland market more seriously as of late. What kind of info are you looking for?


I think if you are going to invest long distance, I don't think many people are picking Northern Colorado unless they are the try to predict appreciation type. I live here and just believe in having more control and investing in what I know so I'd invest in the market whether it was good or bad.

Fort Collins has a worse Rent to Value ratio or cap rate or any other cashflow metric in general than Loveland or Greeley. Fort Collins is generally $20k to $25k more expensive for what you get over Loveland and Greeley is maybe another $20k cheaper than that. While Fort Collins rents I would generally say are the highest, (last year for a time multifamily rents in Northern Colorado were higher than Denver), the rents don't really drop that much maybe $50 for comparable properties, then maybe another $50 to $75 going to Greeley. So the price goes up a lot more in Fort Collins compared to the rent. But this all depends on the property were in general higher priced homes will have a worse rent to value ratio anywhere.

I've heard plenty of opinions on why people like one city in Northern Colorado over another. I heard a good argument against Loveland in that it really had no strong center, no University like Greeley and Fort Collins and no major industry or business. Fort Collins has tons of government, some tech stuff and small businesses. Greeley is real business friendly and has oil & gas + the University.

For me I'm just looking for the best deal I can get to force equity with a fix up and lock in fixed interest rate debt, so I don't have much of a preference between cities. I did talk to one experienced flipper and landlord in Denver and he said his portfolio of 25 or so home acquired in the last 6 years, the ones in the general investor area's Aurora and lower end higher rent to value actually performed worse than his high quality in demand central denver houses as the rents on those properties really increased over the short time he has owned them. So maybe their is something to be said for having a rental in downtown fort collins or some other in demand area with a limit on supply of new housing and land.

That's what's great about real estate is that their are really no right or wrong answers and people can be really successful with completely different opinions and approaches.

Thanks for the feedback, we would be relocating to N. Colorado this July, plan being to rent for the shortest time possible and then look to purchase a single family that can have some equity added to it. Coming from Milwaukee, the lots in Colorado are much much bigger, which truly is the appeal for us. I did like the idea of having a university in the city that I am purchasing in (Milwaukee has two) and CSU/UNC meet that qualification. What I have noticed is that the taxes are SIGNIFICANTLY lower than Milwaukee, almost a 1/4 when looking at square footage per home.

I currently own two duplexes in Milwaukee and would also be willing to entertain purchasing one in the N. Colorado area; however our primary reason for a move are lower taxes and a larger property to live in.


Good luck with the area, I hope you find what you are looking for, continue the real estate investing. I hear duplex's in Fort Collins are hard to get a deal on as people think they are a good investment so they get bid up. But you can say that about everything. Look at Mark Ferguson he's buying houses left and right off the MLS and flipping them or making great rentals out of them when a bunch of people will piss and moan that there aren't any deals.

Let me know what exactly you're looking for, I market off the MLS and maybe I can't buy it cheap enough to make it a deal for me, but if you can buy it and live in it and improve it a 10% discount might be great for you compared to paying full retail.

@Blake Stevens thanks for the mention Blake. One of these days I promise to call you when I am in FT Collins. I don't have anything there now, but I have one flip in Loveland and another under contract. Definitely possible to buy off the mls. I have four flips under contract right now from the mls.


I am RE broker in Fort Collins and I do a little wholesaling as well.

I agree with everything Blake and Mark have said above. Give me a call when you get to town and we can grab some coffee (or beer).


Andy I can recommend @Dave Katz he does a good job.

@Mark Ferguson Mark good work here, I love following along with your blog and looking at your projects. It's motivating to see others out their getting it done. I have a property under contract in Evans so I'll probably be heading over your way more.

Thanks everyone for the feedback, I just got offered a job in Fort Collins starting in early August

I suppose I better finish the buy and hold duplex I am working on right before I pick up shop and move east! Nonetheless I appreciate all of the great advice, and will continue to monitor BP as well as the local listing in the area. Odds are we will probably be stuck renting for the 6-12 months while we get settled in. Either way...happy to be moving to sunshine and beer!

@Andy J. - just saw your last post mentioning that you were picking up shop and moving east. When you are all packed and ready to go I would advise you head west, the eastern route is quite a bit longer and has much more water. just a friendly suggestion ;)

Well guys...with that said it looks I will be heading west come this July, looking for a late July or August 1st rental somewhere in Fort Collins, Loveland, or LaPorte. We will need to start off renting while taking everything in from the move.

Looking for any reccommendations on locations OR even properties that may be available.


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I would recommend Fort Collins as a place to look in NoCo. I work in Fort Collins, and it has some great attributes. That being said it is more expensive than Loveland so if budget is a concern you might want to cast a wider net.

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