Recommended self-directed IRA companies?

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Looking to move all my IRA and 401k money to self-directed. Can anyone recommend the best company to use? I have heard of Entrust and Pensco as the larger ones. Looking for one with reasonable fees with solid reputation. Thanks!

@Rob Cee

this topic has been discussed extensively in the past. I suggest you search the forum for those topics, I'm sure you will find some helpful info. Here is one:

@Rob Cee there are 45 self directed IRA Custodians and administrators at the moment. Each one has pros and cons depending on what you are trying to do. One custodian may not be suitable for every investor or investment. Find one that meets your criteria and then speak to others on this forum that have used them before. I know it is a challenging process, but there are a number of resources available to make the best decision for you.

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