Rural Stuff- Split parcels, well & Septic, and Untitled Mobile Homes

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A long shot, but I'd love to know what you all have to say about this... I want to purchase a property that is about 3 acres. It has on it - a house with a hole in the roof , and a mobile home(no one knows where the title is. It is not on a foundation, but does have a few nice decks built off from it ). Both are up to the road with frontage. They are both connected to the same septic system (someone did this long ago probably without permission). It's split into 2 parcels ... One being the house, well & septic, and 2.02 acres. The other is .66 acres with NO IMPROVEMENTS LISTED , no well septic, etc. No mention of a mobile home anywhere. What I would LIKE to do is knock the house down, and use the mobile home as the primary dwelling, only its on the parcel that doesn't list any dwellings septic, etc. Is this gonna be a problem? I don't wanna move it over, because of the decks, its age, the trees growing up around it.. its like.. There. So when they come out to re-assess or whatever, what problems will I have?

Unless you plan to sell the 2 properties separately, I don't know why it should be a problem. Of course, use the fact that they have no title for the mobile home to your advantage in negotiating.