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I was perusing antique furniture on ebay and noticed they have a real estate section. Has anyone purchased or sold any type of real estate on ebay? I would love to hear about it.

@Jason Burton  

Thanks for the post.  I've made a career buying rural real estate through traditional channels and selling it for twice our basis in less than 30 days.  If you have any questions, give me a shout.  We have generated more than $15M in revenue and sold more than 14,000 properties since 1999.  Utah is a great place to purchase properties that sell pretty well in eBay.  Hope this helps.

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@Sam Jones 

Our model is as follows:  Buy for $1,000.00 and sell for $2,000.00.  We sell a lot of properties where we only make a few thousand dollars per property.  The buyers are regular Joes looking for an honest and great deal on eBay.  They usually pay by credit card.

The Outline.

I Acquisitions:

  • Get a list of the properties with accumulated back taxes associated with them. Most counties sell them very cheap.
  • Contact the owners and separate the ones who don’t care about owning the property any longer (most of them inherited the dirt) with the ones who want to negotiate (keep those for later). You will get between a 5% and 20% response from direct mail. 
  • Buy the property for very little – from $100 to $1,000 in the beginning (Yes, we do this all the time).

II Sales:

  • Sell the property to a buyer for at least twice what you paid. You have reached them from one of three of your efforts.
    • A list you created of people in the real estate business who own similar property in the area (wholesaler). The best way.  Takes awhile to establish trust but they love you in the end.
    • Craigslist.org, landwatch.com, land&farm.com, Trulia.com, Zillow.com… ect. (Retailer).  Better price but you must have patience (I don't).
    • eBay.com. Either "Buy it Now" or a 30-day $1 no reserve auction.  You can predict your cash flow this way because it almost always sells. You get a new customer for the future with every sale. Definitely the way to go if you only expect to double your money.

There are 3 reasons why property does not sell quickly (it all sells eventually but we want to turn a quick buck):

  • It’s not priced properly. Most people who complain about property not selling are asking too much for the land.
  • The property is not good.  It does not have one of the three “A’s. (Access, Attributes, Acreage).  It should have all three.
  • You are not reaching the right buyers with this opportunity.

You only need to sell 5-8 properties per month to make about $10K/mo or $120K per year.

I've received thousands of requests from people who would like to try this in their area. We are developing a comprehensive program to help them accomplish their own wealth accumulation.  Hope this helps.