First time homebuyer!

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So me and my wife are house hunting and we are planning to purchase a home real soon. We have found a home....great...older yet established neighborhood...very close to a booming area of our town. There was just a multimillion dollar hospital built in the region and this home is probably 10 minutes away from I don't see this booming growth to slow anytime soon. I can get the home for right at $180,000....3b2b....2,450 sq ft liveable. We are looking into the Navy Federal Credit mortgage options. I will take any and all advice! I know that I am going to have a home inspection done....the agreement will be totally contingent upon the home inspection and the removal of all wallpaper in the home. Ultimately I want to get into this home with the least amount of money out of my pocket so I can use my nest egg of cash for a rental property investment.