What to to if your listing/investment property is not selling? Consider the Seller's Offer!

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By Fred Eckert –Chicago Title

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You have a listing or investment property for sale!  Buyers look at it, but don’t make an offer! 

Remember, it is not always about the sales price!

You contact the buyer or buyer’s agent and ask questions to find out why they didn’t make an offer!

You find reasons like these….

It is on a noisy street.

It doesn’t have a pool/spa.

They don’t like the schools.

No room for their dogs.

Too far from work!

Want to be on the golf course!

Not enough storage space!

*Yard or room is too small!


*This means they have furniture or a play set/patio set that won’t fit in the homes space & they won’t buy the whole house because their $1000 worth of stuff, isn’t going to fit! Go figure!

So this is what you can do.

Make a written offer from the seller to the buyer (yes, it is ok to do) on an addendum.

Offer to fix the reason/reasons that they didn’t make an offer.

For example…

The Seller could offer to…

-Install double pane windows.

-Give them a two year membership at a spa, club etc.

-Pay for a year of private schooling.

-Pay for landscaping services for some period of time.

-Pay for dog walking services for a year.

-Buy them a hybrid car, an electric car, motorcycle,segway etc.

-Pay for a golf club membership.

-Pay for a Storage unit or RV Storage, close to the home.

-Buy their old furniture, play set, or patio set and buy them new ones that will fit.

-You don’t fix anything, unless the buyers respond to your offer to sell, so there is no money out of your pocket, until you have an accepted offer!

If you solve their problem with the house, you just might make the sale!

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