When to sell?

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This is mostly a question for those in CT and the northeast, but anyone could chime in. What are the buying and selling seasons like in the northeast? Are home owners buying homes during the winter months ( Nov-March?) I am hoping to begin a fix and flip project soon but my projected time frame has me getting the property on the market in Jan/Feb. 

I am a little concerned about that and kind of thinking I should delay a few months and aim for having it ready by early spring so I don't have something sitting for too long.  Am I over thinking this?

I am from Maryland but operate in warmer states where there is no snow. I can tell you that there is a definite winter time season. That is when I buy all my great deals.

I was wondering the same thing actually.  Even though the great deals come during the winter, I would think it will be hard to sell it during these months.  Sorry I dont have an answer, but Ill be following to see if someone else will have it for you.

Thanks  Elizabeth Colegrove

Do you find that contractors rates are also lower in the winter?

@Zachary Mowery  

Honestly I have not had to hire contractors so I don't know about their prices in the winter. I would make an educated guess that it is their slow time! 

As an investor I have found my deals in the winter time. In my areas there are definite  moving season. 

I don't think you should delay. With you doing renovations in the fall into winter months, you may experience some set backs. You will be a couple months ahead of the next season when you are done. Do a short term listing from Jan-Mar if you don't get any offers then relist in the spring season.

Gilbert Ross

@Zachary Mowery

I am based in Maryland and in this market end buyers tend to be more active during spring and end of summer/ fall season when kids are back in school and vacations are done. Winter tends to be lowest in activity.

Doing rehabs during the winter in this area can be tough especially if your property doesn't have heat. Most people in this area (Including me) are wimps when it comes to winter :-) ... I went through one this past winter and it was not fun wrestling my contractors but as long as you stay ahead in payments they will respond especially with holiday season coming up, just be fair and pay as promised. At the end of the day, the name of the game is get it done, period!

@Gilbert Ross Jr  thats a good point. If I am unable to sell and need to re-list though, I am afraid holding costs will really start to cut into my profits. Any way to minimize holding costs in this scenario?

@Johnson Ejalu  Thanks for the tip.  I can see how doing a rehab this past winter would have been pretty challenging. Not sure I want to get involved in a project during that time frame!

@Zachary Mowery You don't have to pay the taxes and water each quarter. Depending on the offer you get the seller can pay for the taxes and water. That can be negotiated depending on what the offer is. You will have to see what the offer is and see your profit margin, maybe you do pay them at closing or you split the cost with the buyer.

@Gilbert Ross Jr ,

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buy between October and march. Rent between may and august

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