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Hello, I am looking for anyone who can help me get rid of a house for a close family friend of mine. She starts a job soon in Florida and the house is in Kansas. She needs a cash buyer and I'm doing my best to find one for her, which includes this post. Any help finding an investor in Salina, KS would be immensely appreciated.

Yes I think an agent would be the best route.


If the house is a good deal you'd have a pretty good chance at selling it to an investor on this site.

You will need a pro or plus account then you can post it to the marketplace.

Include as many details as possible.

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Originally posted by @AJay Williams :

She has had a realtor for awhile and the house isn't selling. Thanks all for the advice.

 Very simple solution at this point. The price is just to high.

got it. I'll make sure and tell her. What if I used a hard money lender bought the house from her for say 80k and had a bank refi the home for 100 that would still be less than the comps in the area and I would help her and score a rental for myself. Is that possible? Do banks do that?

You could do that but youd be looking at about 70% of 80k as the refi amount if done without seasoning.

bank would use the existing purchase price as the appraisal price unless there was a 6 to 12 month seasoning period in between purchase and refi..

Are you able to use regular financing to make the original purchase?

Home in need of major repairs or something along those lines that it wouldn't qualify for a regular loan at this time?