Trust Deed Investing

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Hi everyone, I'm looking for a hard money broker in Memphis,tn. I have bought and sold two apartments at this point, now i would like to invest in trust deeds. I have searched online but I wanted to check here before I went at it alone trying to find a good hard money broker in my area. looking to invest in short term trust deeds 6 months to 1yr. Being a new trust deed investor I want to invest locally

Thanks in advance

Steve, let's start over, do you want to lend to a hard money lender or buy notes or lend?

Might start with "why invest in notes" currently on the forum board, there are tons of threads to read, might read some and better define your goals, "trust deed" investing is usually buying notes, at least here. Good luck :)

Hi Bill. I want to be the lender. I would like to be a private lender in the hard money broker's data base, or find my own borrowers and have the hard money broker originate the loan for a fee.

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Hi Steve,

Here we  are not quite a year later and I find myself where you were last October.  Would you be willing to share an update on where your journey has taken you?  Any words of advice for someone who is about to click on the link that Jeff S. from California shared way back when?