Hi All - Western Subs of Chicago

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Hi All,

First post here.  I'm struggling to find anything even cash flow + in the western suburbs of Chicago.  I'm going to keep looking...possibly looking at higher unit number buildings in different areas.  I don't want to end of the south side of Chicago but that's the direction i'm heading! In any case hello and glad to be here!


  1. Welcome!!! @jonathan Nixon We specialize In the western burbs. You won't find any multi deals but there are plenty of attached and SFH deals that will get you 8-11% returns in the area. One of our specialties is investments in northerN DuPage and Western Cook. A few good deals in Dupage section of hanover right now in the Carol stream school district. Feel free to reach out any time to discuss.
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Welcome Jonathan! I too am new and struggling to find decent deals in my target area, but I'm only looking at listed properties right now.  I'm under the impression that unlisted properties is where it's at and you have to dig a lot to find anything worthwhile.  

It is very hard to have cash flow in decent suburbs at these prices unless it is a foreclosure/estate sale etc.  There were too many foreclosures/deals two to three years ago.  There may still be deals around Berkeley, Lyons, Melrose Park, Berwyn, etc.  which are middle class suburbs.

A lot of owners of multi-family investment properties are holding on.  Commercial loan rates are near an all time low, rents are strong and owners are holding on.   I'm always looking for new deals hitting the market.  When they hit, they go fast.