Do Wholesalers Create the same frenzy as bank owned properties ????

3 Replies

I've signed up for a few wholesalers cash buyers list and I'm seeing a trend of mass emails. I have a few questions for wholesalers and investors who buy from wholesalers.

1.) Will wholesalers eventually cause the same frenzy as bank owned properties that hit the MLS ? What I mean is will they create bidding wars amongst several people who've all received this "deal" email ?

2.) Is this the normal way for wholesalers to work ? I thought wholesalers called specific buyers for specific properties instead of putting together a huge list and sending out a mass email every time they got a property under contract.

Any insight and feedback would be wonderful. 

There is a million different ways to do it..  Some wholesalers only work with a few buyers, but some blast out there deals to a big list.   Just depends...  As a buyer I won't typically "bid" up on a wholesale deal.   Usually the price is set.   First to bring ernest money and sign the PA gets the deal.  

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