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Direct mail, driving for dollars, handing out business cards at REI meetings, going to REI meetings, and networking on social media. Are you looking for homes to flip or someone to buy a home you have already done all of the work on? Depending on the market/price you are either looking for another investor to rent it out or a retail buyer. If retail I would talk to a Realtor or use something like to get it out there. If you are selling as turn key to an investor then you could always look at who has been buying those type of homes in your area in the last 6 months.

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I know we use a lot of mailers to find sellers, however to find buyers that requires a different strategy. I have found that networking on bigger pockets can help, I have read lots of stories of people closing deals through connections they made on here. Another strategy you might want to try is using a variety of listing sites, like or Lastly, you might want to find a data provider that can give you information on individuals who own more than one property with high equity. These are your consistent buyers. Then just start calling them. Hope this helps!


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Networking with potential buyers is a good way (particularly for wholesalers, but for flippers too). Sending out mailers to people in the neighborhood is another. And I believe there are services that allow you post your property on the MLS for a small fee without paying a listing agent, so if you can spare the 3% plus small fee, that's something to consider.

The #1 thing I advise new investors is to get 1,000 business cards and work your COI (centers of influence - everyone you know).   This can create a network effect that helps you find low-hanging fruit - deals among the people you know (and they know).