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You need to go out and get them. Depends what you want to market to.

Pre-foreclosure? (Usually will be short sales) : NJlispendens.com

Probate? Go to the respective county court house to pull leads.

Vacant? Tons of ways, you have to figure out your own system.

@John Schick I know this is your first post but for future reference, that question is totally broad, and no one is going to like to answer it.  There's lots of resources for getting wholesale leads if you read the sticky and browse the forums and articles.  

Good luck!

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Originally posted by @John Schick:

Where can I get good wholesale deal leads in northern New Jersey?

I agree with both of the previous posts. I would just add that while you are educating yourself on how to generate leads that you also concentrate on growing your "cash buyers" network. Doing this will help you find areas to target and also will allow you to turn deals over quicker. Also if you get to know your buyers well enough, you can network with other wholesalers and bring your buyers to their deals (co-wholesaling).

@John Schick 

I think the best way to find wholesale deals is to pick an area, learn it well and start driving around and finding them.

There are other methods like bandit signs, yellow cards, craigslist, etc. you just have to pick a method that works for you.

It will really help if all your ducks are in a row BEFORE finding the deal -- like your investors, contractor, real estate agent, etc. because it will help the process go much more smoothly if you don't have too run around looking for these people once you have a deal.

This forum will help you a lot but nothing will do the work for you, so you have to go out there and get your hands dirty. But its the best way to see what works for you!

I hope this helps.

Too broad of a question. Help us help you on where you would like to focus and what you really want to do. Local REI's, BP, and networking is how you get in the game to find leads. Your whole marketing plan takes some thought on what you can do so get involved and you will be able to figure out where you want to go.

Sorry guys. A little background, we are contractors who are looking to do our own deals. we work for a 100,000,000.00 company that specializes in buying paper from banks. We rehab dozens of properties for this company a year. They are willing to fund any legitimate deal we find. The problem is finding them. They are having a tough time finding good wholesale deals outside of they're core business. Most wholesalers we find lie about the ARV value of the properties they show us. We need legitimate deals and are set up to buy them.