Is this the norm?

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Firstly let me say that I'm limited in my RIE experience and even less versed on multi family units.  That being said it seems like nearly every property I've seen (duplexes) has had some or of neglect or another.  I mean I just don't understand it.  You neglect your tenants and by default your property and when it's time to sell you've ran your demand value down.  This seem counter productive to me.

Granted my budget range is bringing me to the cream of the crop of duplexes but they are nice modest properties.  I have one under contract now that is in need of the right amount of work to be valuable to me.  Now I know the point is to find homes needing work, that's not what I am talking about.  I just mean everything from the order of paperwork to be responsive when contacted and overall business sense.  Is this a common issue for those of you dealing with smaller residential property?  I would think commercial investments would be more professional.