Buying first property.

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Good morning all,

I am needing to purchase a home fro myself. In the process of a divorce (amicable) and am determined to get into a positive equity position. Am a business owner with some cash to use. How do I begin? Have heard of courthouse steps purchases. My father made most of his money in realestate so I am familiar with the industry in an income property sort of way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


What did you end up deciding?  I will be selling my own residence soon (due to different reasons) and I keep tossing around in my mind if I want to take out a mortgage on something, buy something outright from the sale of my current property and fix it with the intention of turning it into a rental or buying something outright that would be a labor of love, but stay my primary home.  Either of the latter two options would still leave me with money to invest.  Many seem to shy away from full cash deals, but the thought of having at least one owned free and clear would be peace of mind to start building from.