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Okay, I currently work fulltime.  I have two cellphones.  One for work, and another that I carry most of my non-work applications on.  Phones are identical except for the case.  (Samsung S3's).

I get calls on both, and have different ringtones, but I'm never sure which one is which when they ring at work.  The ringtones sound too similar, so I'm thinking for my non-work / real estate phone, I need to change the ringtone to a song, or some other saying that will be different that would not be offensive if heard in the work place, but would be an easy enough clue that my brain can tell immediately whether it's my work phone or the real estate phone.

Long story short, give me cellphone ringtone suggestions to make sure I become 100% successful in everything I do.

Or just tell me about yours.  (could be a fun thread).

Of course, as a real estate novice, this is the final hurdle to be becoming a highly successful, financially independent, beach vacationing, attractive and wealthy real estate investor.  I expect Josh and Brandon to PM me for a show in 6 months to discuss over a podcast how this has contributed to my success.

Originally posted by @Curt Davis :

I think you need to get rid of one of the phones and just have one.  

 I have an email app on my work phone that allows big brother to essentially see everything I do where our IT team can render it useless by a simple keystroke by accident.  Thus the reason for two phones right now.

If you mean I should get to be so successful that I don't need to work, that's my long term plan.

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Originally posted by @Curt Davis :

I think you need to get rid of one of the phones and just have one.  


Why do you need 2 phones?  You can sign up with Google Voice and technically have 2 numbers on 1 phone.

The reason for the two phones is that one is work related which has the email app on for business/work emails, contacts, etc that the IT department gets to monitor even though I own the phone and the number.

The other phone I use for personal apps and emails.  I have several phone numbers already (google voice and others).