Known Non-Permited work

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There is a listing that my agent just forwarded to me, in it there is a mother in-law suite that was built on the property.  It was built without permits.  The numbers look good, the location is great, and overall it's a good investment as a rental.

What suggestions do you have for the due diligence?  Do have get it permitted and approved by the city?  Do I just rent it as is?  What inspections should be completed?


If you're talking about a full finish job that was done (say garage with exposed studs changed to living space) you may have trouble with that, as much of the wiring, plumbing, etc would be concealed by sheetrock, and therefore could not be inspected without tearing into the wall. If you're concerned about anything in particular, have someone come in and look at it (wiring comes to mind... I'm really uptight about proper wiring), but I don't think you'd be responsible for work you didn't have done. 

That said, I don't live in Washington, but I imagine going through the process retroactively would impose a significant financial burden on the owner, and I imagine your Code folks know that. That's just my take though; worst case scenario, call your Code people and ask. No reason to include the name, address, or any of that if it bothers you, and they can be pretty helpful. Best of luck, and let us know how it turns out!