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Here is a little background on my situation. I bought a home in Las Vegas in which I live in now. I have built some equity up in the home, but would like to hold it. So, I have decided to purchase another home using a VA backed loan and then rent out my current home. I found a home at a reasonable price that foreclosed to the lender(Fannie Mae). I did a walk through today and really liked this home. I just found out there are multiple offers and one was countered in which they have until tomorrow to respond (Saturday;FM is closed). I am looking for advise to make a good offer since I planned to buy w/no money down including closing cost. To make a better offer I am thinking of offering 1-5k above list and possibly 2k towards closing. I am looking for advise to put together an offer for my situation. Any help will be appreciated!

Your agent should be able to help with making a strong offer.  

What is the sellers situation?  They may want a quick close or they may prefer time to find/close on their next house.

Generally you can substitute financing if you don't delay closing.  If you can verify a bigger percentage of assets you can submit an offer that includes a down-payment even if the loan doesn't require you to provide one.

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The banks do not work during the weekends. Also, keep in mind that if the offer expires, then only your offer is on the table. I would have your agent go on www.homepath.com and see how many offers there are. If there is only one, and they do not perform, then why pay above list price. Secondly, if there are other offers on the table, then finance your closing costs into your loan (You can do that in a VA loan).