Setting price alerts for properties

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Hi all,

Do you know if there's a good/easy way to set price alerts for specific properties? I'm mostly looking on trulia (my realtor has an alert set up for me on the MLS but I seem to be way faster at finding things on trulia then they are on the MLS...not sure why).

Basically there are plenty of houses that make sense at the right price, but they're far from it, so I want to get some kind of alert when it drops to a certain price...any suggestions? Can this be done on the MLS?

John Hi,

I'm familiar with a few MLS's. Your agents MLS is probably capable of doing it. They'll just need to set it up. You're probably finding things faster than your agent because your business is your top priority. Unless you do big volume your agent has to juggle a lot of clients to make ends meet. It could be helpful to schedule a meeting. Tell your agent you want to learn a little more about the capabilities of the local MLS. Let them show you how they design searches. Go prepared. Communicate clearly your price points for specific areas. Have this meeting one time and your interaction with your agent or any agent thereafter will forever be more productive. Cheers,

Your realtor should be able to have them emailed to you within minutes of price change.... the only time this would not apply would be government foreclosures (HUD's fannies, freddy and VA's) they update the websites and then there is a several day lag before that information is updated on the mlx.

if your realtor cannot set up auto alerts get a new realtor

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