Code Violation Lists

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Hi BP,

Does anyone know the best way to obtain a list of homes that have code violations? I live in Central FL, I checked the city and county websites, it appears that you need to have the address for each property to review the violation. Is there any way to get a full list so that you can set up a marketing campaign to target those homeowners?

Thank you,

hell of an idea!

 i called my cities code enforcement department ( i call them on every property i offer on to check for any outstanding violations). She wasn't any help, said their were between 3-4 thousand homes in our city currently with code violations and they have no such master list. 

I bet she does or is able to make one somehow.... anyhow.... good idea.

In Texas, you can do an "open records request" for all code enforcement violations from a specific city, or say violations over a certain date range (01/01/15 to 02/01/15). If you are in Orlando - I'd imagine you'd send it to the code enforcement office there (but call their city offices to confirm that)

Here's an example open records request doc, for the state of Florida

They say that in the City of Orlando, there are millions of dollars outstanding. You would think they would manage it better by having a master list of some sort. I am going to try calling them.

@Octavia White @Justin Stamper

Is this what you are looking for? I copied and pasted one line from what I have.

01-20-27-0000-00-025LC 14-1338 | $2,892.43 | 10846/9090 | 3129 ONDICH ROAD

FYI - if they are not helpful when you call them. - send them the "open records request" anyway.

They would prefer NOT to provide that information...that is extra work that they do not normally do. But its "the law" that they provide the information...apparently Florida is just like Texas in that aspect (from what I read by Googling it). Code enforcement departments use computers, etc for keeping track of all their violations...they can find a way to print off the data for you. It may not be in Excel all "pretty looking"...but as long as you can get the property addresses, you can lookup who the owner is on your local count appraisal district website.

For Orlando, write a program to loop through all Incident numbers (starts at 93 apparently):


Store the information shown on the page into separate fields and put it into a spreadsheet or your own database.  Problem solved.

You might try contacting the local Code Enforcement Board clerk. There may be a list of properties available with fines running. The Building Code Enforcement Department may have a list of open cases available to the public.

Hi Ryan,

I think that would work. How did your obtain that info?

Just wondering did anyone ever find that list i am looking for one in cincinnati ohio 

I always contact the health department or the city ward councilman to get a list. They usually have a list of houses with violations or houses that are going to be condemned. Also try the building inspections department. Inspectors have lists as well, I used to work in planning and zoning department for the city and we kept the list.

you can look up code violations by address on the city of Cincinnati website.  If you search property maintenance code enforcement it comes up.  Then select Check compliant status.  You can also look up abandon properties somewhere on the site.

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