Cracked Foundation & Water Issues in Basement

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Hello - I am in negotiations on a house that went on the market well under market price. The house is in very good condition aside from the basement which has serious water issues. I have not been in the basement but my agent sent several pictures. It appears that the basement walls have some cracks and crumbling. The basement is also wet so there could be mold. Before finding out that there could be possible foundation issues I estimated that I could spend up to about $10k waterproofing and still have a good return. However, I now am wondering if this is much more than I would want to take on. I am attaching the photos.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

I don't have experience with horizontal cracks. I steer clear of them, and would let this deal go to someone else unless you can get a great basement guy out there who can give you a solid estimate on what it would take to fix, then adjust your offer accordingly. Horizontal cracks are no joke.

The shiny walls make me cringe, too, but there are plenty of people on this site who love houses that look just like that!

I recently purchased a home on the courthouse steps and it had horizontal cracks the full width of the basement with a 2-3" bow in the wall.  To repair the wall, we drilled holes 12" on center on the floor and 12" on center going up the side walls.  We ran rebar from front to back, top to bottom, and tied it all together.  We then formed a wall and poured a 12" thick wall against the original block.  This was done based on the recommendation of a structural engineer.  The report and recommendation from the structural engineer ran $200 which I thought was very reasonable.  The poured wall company charged $5000 and concrete ran $900.  That was the side wall which had 8' of fill on a 9' wall.  the back wall had horizontal cracking but was not bowing.  Again, at the recommendation of the structural engineer, we knocked holes in the top block at every other cell.  We then used a concrete pump to fill the cells full of concrete for the full length of the wall.  All was included in the price I noted earlier.  Hope this gives you an idea.  Maybe hire a structural engineer before you make an offer and use the report as leverage in negotiating.  $200 may be money well spent.  Good luck, Mike

I would find a really good foundation repair guy to give an estimate. A structural engineer would be a very good idea and would eliminate code problems in the future. They are not that expensive. 

I would like to give an update on this...

I contacted a sewer/concrete/waterproofing contractor who has done work for me in the past for a quote.  As it turns out the one wall has had settling and will need to be completely replaced. As well as waterproofing the entire basement. The cost will be $15,500. However, this will handle the current issue but doesn't actually guarantee the basement to be waterproof. The basements in this city flood from the city sewer system so to ensure that doesn't happen the lines would need to be rerouted for an additional $4500.