New Real Estate Major Feature Film "99 Homes" with Andrew Garfield - What Effect Does this Movie Have on Investors?

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This trailer is an excellent representation of real estate investing.  I'm thrilled to see that many of the normal day-to-day activities that we carry out as real estate investors are portrayed correctly such as:

- Evicting families from their homes at gunpoint

- Hiring formerly evicted and desperate occupants to do dangerous and illegal work at low wage

- Attending high end parties while the human collateral of immoral yet immensely profitable real estate decisions duke it out in the slums


Hopefully you can tell that I'm joking here and that I'm not very happy with what I perceive to be a very unfair portrayal of real estate investing, investors, and how real estate investing business is conducted. 

Let's hear some thoughts from investors on this new Hollywood movie!  What's your opinion?

It is a Hollywood movie. Showing the day to day activities of a typical real estate investor would be incredibly boring. The Wolf of Wall Street certainly doesn't depict the life of a typical broker.

There are some very amoral people in real estate. This is an extreme depiction for dramatic effect. But entirely in-house, imo, and certainly nothing to be upset about.

haha very dramatized, I will watch it. Now I'm going to get a bunch of people asking me if that is really how it is. Same thing happened with Wolf of Wall street, with the penny stocks. 

I don't see anything wrong with it, @Scott Trench . It just looks like another "day in the life" flick for us REI grunts. Watching the trailer brings back so many fond memories of what goes down in my typical week.


I'm glad Nelson Van Alden from Boardwalk Empire has turned his life around from being a crooked fed to being a typical real estate investor. 

looks lame.  I watched the trailer and wasted 2 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

I just saw the trailer for this movie, and it looks great. That is exactly how in envisioned investing when I got started. Yachts, private parties, girls, alcohol, guns, ripping people out of their homes and kicking them onto the streets. 

I must have done things wrong because my investing doesn't look nearly as fun. 

I lost my home and my whole portfolio when my business collapsed.  I was treated respectfully.   I have worked hard--legally--and now have 8 homes. 

I don't think I will waste my time watching this.  Maybe I will spend the time looking for another home!

Been killing myself for the last 2 years..... put over $450,000 of service work back into the economy.  Employed many escrow officers, assistance, closers, inspectors, appraises, lenders, contractors, auto manics, gas stations, office and computer supplies, printing, dump fees, and OMG TAXES IRS and CALIFORNIA STATE.  This type of movie is a funny laugh.... Kinda like when I'm at a cocktail party and some person says "oh your flip homes, I would be great at that.  I watch a lot of HGTV" That's typically when I just smile and ask what they do for a day job.  I love it when they say they are a nurse and I say "I watch a lot of New York ER I would be a great Doctor"  Funny how they never get the joke.

This type of show is a slap in the face to all of us that operate with integrity and are kind to others.  This is not the industry I'm a part of, I have never seen anyone work like this before. We all know bad people like some cops, politicians, news casters, attorneys, judges, film actor's, kinda makes me sick to be honest.  It's our profession that has this wrap.

If you know anyone that operates outside the law in our industry it's your responsibility to report them.  Have a great week,


WAIT A MINUTE!!! You mean to tell me Real Estate Investing isn't like this?!?!?!?

LOL, seriously though I bet most people that watch this will have no clue that someone has months upon months upon months of advance warning before a forclosure and sheriff eviction can take place. But of course in typical hollywood fashion, "based on true events", the home owners are shocked and had no clue they were being evicted for foreclosure. They just show up one day and kick them out, what jerks.

I've been kind of down trying to figure out why my investing is moving at a snails pace.  Now I know what I'm missing thanks to this movie trailer. 

........time to get a gun, oh yeah..

@Scott Trench  

I love what I do!  For some reason It looks nothing like in the movies.  Just livin the dream.

Coming next is a vacant house movie...  There's a squirrel in the living room, the roofs caving in, the seller relieved of the headache.  Spoiler alert:  It ends with a fixed up house, seller has cash in their pocket, Investor makes money and the house is put back to use.

Or the raw land movie.  There could just be hours and hours of raw land footage.  People would love it.

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