I am considering purchasing a property near the Air Force base in the Beaver Creek/Dayton/Xenia Ohio area.  This purchase will be to help a family member that doesn't have the credit to buy a home at the moment.  My intention is to purchase something around $100-150k that would cash flow as a rental if something unexpected happened with the family member.  This is a new development and I know very little about the market at the moment.  If all works out well I will lease purchase the home to the family member until they can get secondary financing within 5 years and take me out of the deal.  

Any knowledge of the area would be appreciated.  I need to balance finding the right home for the family members while finding a great deal.  

What is a reasonable return to expect in this area?  How much does a $150k 3bed/2bath home lease for?

Any market specific issues I need to look out for?

Any recommended neighborhoods based upon what I've mentioned?

Any areas to stay away from?

I know this is a broad request but I'm just starting to research this market tonight and thought I'd bring it to BP.