Get em while they are HOT...or wait for the fire to Burn Out

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Is it just me or are all the Cashflow markets on fire right now. I have only been doing this 8 months but have been studying the markets daily and notice prices increasing across the board in the main cash flow areas. My strategy is starting to change now with the thought that I should wait untill the market cools down to jump back in and get some more properties. What are your thoughts on this and what factors are influencing your decision to buy! buy! buy! or Wait!

@Account Closed It's not just you. There's several markets on fire right now. I'm not sure I see the advantage of waiting until the markets cool down unless you think prices are going to drop which they may in some markets. Prices will continue to rise until the returns are squeezed until they are no longer attractive to investors. As long as you can achieve your ROI objectives and you aren't overpaying or buying in an already overheated market, then I wouldn't wait. You want to look at where prices are today in relation to their 2006 peaks in your markets. We're not likely to see another opportunity like the one created by the housing crash of 2008 anytime soon (or ever). The opportunities are winding down as most of the foreclosures have worked their way through the system. Inventory is getting tight in many markets and isn't going to get any better. I say get while the getting is good. By waiting is only going to get you higher prices and interest rates.