Reasonable Hard Money Lenders..Suggestions?

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I've just gotten into flipping and unfortunately don't have the means to go all cash now but have excellent credit, experience in long term rentals, assets, and I need a reasonable hard money lender to work with. I'm closing on a house for $160,125 that is move-in ready. A reasonable estimate is $270k on the current condition. Rehab is not required but I want to change the house with a rehab in the $30k-$50k range. I may only increase the value the cost of what I put in but it will make the house sell faster. I'm being quoted in the range of 13% on hard money and that seems high. I won't be in this house more than 6 months max...I will get it done and have it sold. I am looking for quick close hard money for the property. Any suggestions appreciated...Currently have 6 mortgages, A primary residence...4 long terms rentals, one of which is about to go on the market and an investment/second home/vacation rental. Appreciable equity in all except the vacation rental which is about $740k right now and owe about $650k. 

guess what I am trying to clarify is 10.5% interest rate with 3 points on a 1 year term a decent offer? I have never used hard money lenders on a purchase. I have an LOC I could do it with that's at 9.99% but they hit me with 4.95% up front

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Thanks for the reply....I have good credit but 6 current mortgages so it gets tough taking on new ones. Since this is a flip I guess I just have to give up a little. Rates and points are high compared to traditional but I'm over the limit on traditional mortgages

@Gary Fischer

No problem.  That's the issue - you are outside of conventional standards.  It's more expensive primarily because this deal has a different risk profile than a conventional one and non-conventional lenders have a higher cost of capital (which they pass along to you in the form of higher rates).

Generally I think the way to think about it is the profit you stand to generate from this deal far outweighs your cost of short-term capital. 

Best of luck with this deal and the next one(s).

 Then we're good I guess. Thanks for all the replies. Mine ends up being a good deal then. And it's true, you have to weigh it against profit and it's not that much..The price you pay not using cash :-)