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Hi Indra,

I haven't used them, but from there website, there numbers aren't too bad. Do you have a project of interest? I would say reach out to them and at least see what info they would need from you. Getting that together will prepare you in case you go with them or other lenders, as they typically require the same info for the most part.

I have a HM lender right now closing on 2 deals at 4pts, 12%. They cover 80% acq and 100% rehab. So, Lima's numbers are on par except you would have to come out of pocket a bit for rehab.

Look up Green Tree Acquisitions as well. I've used them with success as well.

Hope that helps.


I currently have four properties. My debt income ratio is essentially maxed out. Does anyone have any lender suggestions who I should speak to regarding further financing?

Will a two year history of rental income, improve my debt income ratio and by how much?