Well I am Temporarily down here in Fla. For how long I have no Idea . My Mother in her 90's had a stroke . She has been in the same condo since new the place was built in 1971 .Total complex has about 500 units ,an 18 hole PGA Golf course and a Marina with access to Gulf Bay .Say what you will about " God's Waiting Room " but if I had to venture a guess I would say the average age here is 65 + and counting lol!!

Change of property management about a year ago and the new association decided to unload the Marina as it was not considered "Profitable " Since then The golf course has been sold to the Club " PRO" When I had heard the rumors that the Marina might get sold I inquired to the BOD to be notified if that were to happen as I had wanted to make an offer on it if it became available . After several Calls and numerous letters , the new management comes in and sells it .No one to blame here but myself . Life and business tend to get in the way of things so I let it pass. By the way there was NO Realator involved in the sale .

Somewhat wondering if anyone on BP has purchased any Condo Assets of the complex such as Marina or Golf Course and How you structured the deal ? The marina and the 3 acres it sits on are almost Totally rented by non community residents as well as Sites for Motorhome storeage and Boat storeage . Which was pretty much my intention if I had secured the place 

Any ideas on WHERE to find these type of deals ? OR have any of you bought any commercial property and continued with the bussiness that you have bought ?