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Im working on a ranch with my next door neighbor, who is an expert in Real Estate Investing, and when we got to the property there was a lot of "junk" and excess wood, etc. I was given the job to create a project report. Do any of you have a sample report of what it should look like? I want to make it as organized and simple as possible. 

Thank you

25 years in Project & Program Management may just come in handy!

Use a spreadsheet.  Make a column for each of the following:

  • Task #
  • Task Name
  • Duration  (You can either input the duration and then add it to the start date to calculate the End Date, or you can enter the Start & End dates and then calculate the Duration, which can be hours or days.)
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • % Complete
  • Resource (Who does it or who is responsible for making sure it's done)
  • Dependencies (What has to happen, before this task can happen...use the task #'s to link your dependencies)
  • Cost (how you get this is determined by the type of cost, if it's hourly labor, you can have a rate column and multiply it by the duration, as long as the duration is in hours.  Lots of ways you can handle this one)

Comments (Use this to communicate status of the various tasks.)

Project Management mantra...plan your work and work your plan.

Every task that takes more than 4-hours or must be completed before something else can be done, should be listed in your project plan.  Key Milestones (i.e. permits, materials being delivered, etc.) should be highlighted, so you remember to keep an eye on anything that would prevent them from occurring on time.)

@Hattie Dizmond - do you have a link to a spreadsheet you've used with this info and formulas completed? I'm a visual learner with a lot of project management background and know that sometimes I get too excited about building the spreadsheet so wanted to see what yours was like for inspiration so I'm sure not to go too deep. We'll be doing our first deal this summer and I want to be sure we do well with budget, timelines, etc.!